Welcome! I’m Elizabeth Douglas, a writer and landscape designer based in Central New York. I founded Pocket Meadows to share ideas and information about earth-friendly gardens you can plant anywhere.

I hold a horticulture degree in landscape architectural studies and practiced hands-on landscape design for several years. Currently, I serve as a volunteer for community-based garden and landscape projects, and I’m a member of the New York State Nursery and Landscape Association.

Me, with my family

What are pocket meadows?

Pocket meadows are naturalistic gardens that support wildlife and the environment.

You can plant them along your front walkway, around your mailbox, in containers on your deck, or even as a replacement for your lawn.

Pocket meadows can be comprised of annual wildflowers, grasses, hardy perennials, native plants, and earth-friendly non-native plants, depending on your goals and planting site.

Why plant a pocket meadow?

  • Create a beautiful, dynamic garden.
  • Support wildlife and the environment.
  • Reduce landscape maintenance and watering.
  • Replace lawn.

Grasslands are among the most imperiled ecosystems in the United States. Restoring these plant communities is one of the most valuable contributions private landowners can make to preserve and support the wildlife that depend upon them.

Sam Quinn, Research Assistant & Instructor, Conservation on Private Lands Initiative RSC, in Converting Lawns to Meadows: A pocket guide for CNY landowners by SUNY-ESF